Vehicle Parameters

Tire Choice     Engine/Curve:       Aero Downforce at 40mph:  
Vehicle Weight(lb): Forced Induction: Lift/Drag:
Wheel Base(in): Not Used Yet: Not Used Yet:
Wheel Radius(in): Not Used Yet: Not Used Yet:
Track Width(in): Not Used Yet: Not Used Yet:
Center of Gravity(in): Not Used Yet: Not Used Yet:
Weight Dist %:  Not Used Yet: Not Used Yet:
Shift RPM: Not Used Yet: Not Used Yet:
Final Drive Ratio: Not Used Yet: Not Used Yet:




Torque Curve

Total Time: 0000.000   seconds                         FSAE Torque Curve for Simulation
Total Points: 0000.000    
Total Fuel Used: 0000.000   gallons
Time on Wide Open Throttle: 0000.000   %
Total Cornering Time: 0000.000   seconds
Total Straight Section Time: 0000.000   seconds
Total Shifts: 0000.000    
Time Spent Traction Limited: 0000.000   seconds
Average Longitudinal Acceleration:      0000.000   ft/s^2
Mean Horsepower: 0000.000   hp
Maximum Horsepower: 0000.000   hp




Autocross FSAE Simulation                 Skidpad FSAE Simulation
Autocross - Time   seconds                 Skidpad - Time   seconds
Autocross - Points                     Skidpad - Points    
Autocross - WOT Percentage   %                 Skidpad - Velocity   MPH
Autocross - Total Shifts                     Skidpad - Lateral Acceleration   g's
Autocross - Traction Limited Time   seconds                
Autocross - Average Acceleration   ft/s^2                
Autocross - Average Velocity   MPH                




Acceleration FSAE Simulation                 Endurance FSAE Simulation
Acceleration - Time   seconds                 Endurance - Time   seconds
Acceleration - Points                   Endurance - Points  
Acceleration - WOT Percentage   %                 Endurance - WOT Percentage   %
Acceleration - Total Shifts                   Endurance - Total Shifts  
Acceleration - Traction Limited Time   seconds                 Endurance - Traction Limited Time   seconds
Acceleration - Average Acceleration   seconds                 Endurance - Average Acceleration   seconds
Acceleration - Trap Speed   MPH                 Endurance - Fuel Used   gallons

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