Vehicle Dynamics
3/19/2012 12:30:12 AM

How do we model vehicle dynamics and which vehicle parameters do we use? Well, the very first step to analyzing the dynamics of a vehicle is to consider Newton's Second Law! What physics again? Yes, you should be comfortable with Newton's Second Law which states that "If a body is accelerating, there is a force on it"!...

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Javascript vs MatLAB
3/15/2012 2:18:55 PM

Oh MatLAB...solving differential equations, graphing, plotting, and giving you eigen values in a matter of SECONDS!!! For anyone in engineering or mathematics, MatLAB makes your life instantly easier. So the best programming language for a lapsim is then MatLAB! No...Wait What?...

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Searching for the Limit Book by Matt Brown
3/14/2012 6:55:12 PM

I must say that this has been a hard book to put down...So I was casually browsing the FSAE forums( and I stumbled upon a thread that the author made when he finished writing his book. The book covers the life of a Formula SAE student as they go through the design, build and testing phases of the project...

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3/14/2012 1:29:15 AM

This is where it begins! It is my intent to include a full fledged library of information. The topics covered here will include Tire Models, MatLAB, LapSims, etc...

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